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"Success is the congruent application of multiple levels of information processing"

~Al Sargent

Marilyn Sargent
from scientific discoveries




Our thoughts help shape how we perceive our reality. Some of these thoughts are out of our conscious awareness and often become hidden saboteurs to our success. 


When our beliefs support our current reality, this system works.  However, if old beliefs are no longer based on truth, this leads to incongruency, or being "stuck".

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Hemispheric Integration™ | Success Design International | Life Stratgie Coaching
What is

Hemispheric Integration™ is the scientific process 

of how to train the brain to code and

decode experience accurately.



...Success Design International has unlocked the

structure of beliefs, how they can control your life,

and how to change them to achieve what you want.



"Sargent's discoveries represent some of the most intriguing and significant developments in communication skills in the past decade.  These discoveries demonstrate both creativity and the attention to detail which are the hallmarks of all important innovations"

Robert Dilts, Leading NLP Trainer and Author



The Development of ​

Hemispheric Integration™

Gregory Bateson

5 Levels of Learning

Robert Ditlz

6 Neurological Levels

12 Hemispheric Levels of Awareness,

Experience & Influence

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